So long, Mr. Tannerino

Unbelievably, Bob Saget died yesterday. I’m absolutely shocked. As long as I have been on this planet, so has Bob Saget been – a father figure to all, especially those of us who were lacking one to begin with. What better and more loving father could one ever ask for than Danny Tanner? He gave us lonely kids hope that somewhere, a dad might be out there to love us and see the good in us, too.

He was only 65 years old – found dead in a Ritz Carlton in Orlando after performing a gig in Jacksonville (I think) the night before. Can you imagine? Just snuffed out like that, whoosh. It scares me to think that he’s only roughly six years older than my mother … I don’t even want to think about that. Yet I really can’t stop thinking about it … no matter how much I want to. When Tyler’s mother passed away, I started to develop this niggling feeling in the back of my head about death that I can never quite get rid of. It feels so close, all the time. God, I don’t want to think of it. 65 years old … that feels like no time in this world. Like life is still beginning. That’s only 30 years older than me, and that sounds like a lot … but life passes by so damn quickly. How fast will my years, my mother’s years, fly by before we are potentially 65 years old and out like a light? Again – I don’t even – I can’t even – think about it.

So I will choose I instead to think of all the laughs and lessons Bob Saget gave to me – from how to properly keep a house clean, to avoiding your evil twin, Manny – to being a loving and caring father who stepped up for his children and ushered them lovingly through life as they grew and faced the trials and tribulations of growing up. I did not know Bob Saget, but I knew Danny Tanner – and he will always be among the greatest TV fathers my generation was fortunate to love and be loved by.


I'm a 33 year old mortician and cosmetologist who is currently battling lymphedema after a gnarly spider bite. I am fat, wear a lot of makeup, live with my mother, brother, and three cats, go to Disney World a lot, and am undergoing treatment for bipolar disorder, depression, OCD, anxiety, and pre menstrual dysphoric disorder. My head may be a mess some days, but my heart (typically) means pretty well.

One thought on “So long, Mr. Tannerino

  1. You have put my fears of my mother in to words. Whenever something like this happens, my moms years trundle on in front and center.


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