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So, you may have heard that it snowed this past week. I hope and pray that all of my fellow southerners had enough milk and bread to keep them safe from any and all treacherous weather!


We didn’t really get much, round my neck of the woods – just enough to make me fear for my sanity and get an insane case of cabin fever (I feel it is important to reveal that I was only truly stuck inside for one day, but damn, did it feel bleak). By the time I woke up on day two of the promised snowpocalypse, everything had already started to melt. Such is life, as a southerner.

The older I get, the more “typical adult” I get about snowy weather, wherein I am bothered by it and cursing the weather man and generally just being an overall curmudgeon (side note – thank God for spell check, because I DEFINITELY did not know how to spell curmudgeon) about it all. I hate that. We should never age out of being awed by nature. I stepped outside pretty late at night (or early in the morning, however you want to look at it) to watch it coming down, and it truly was beautiful. There’s just such a peace to witnessing snow falling. 2016, moreso than any other year of my life thus far, has felt so hopeful and promising – I couldn’t help but take a nice blanket of pure, clean snow as a good sign of things to come for us all.

I kinda loved how this picture almost looks like lights or fireworks.

So, while the snow came just as quickly as it went, and while I did complain about it for nearly 80% of its short-lived stay, I was ultimately glad to see it. I guess you could say it made me feel snow-peful. You know, like hopeful, but with snow. And that is sort of a new way for me to feel (both hopeful and snow-peful), and I want to hold on to that feeling for as long as I can, because it makes everything feel fresh and clean and new – sort of like a snowfall. Damn. What a full circle moment.

PS – Nothing – and I do mean nothing – can beat a South Carolina sunset after a snowfall.



I know, right?



I'm a 33 year old mortician and cosmetologist who is currently battling lymphedema after a gnarly spider bite. I am fat, wear a lot of makeup, live with my mother, brother, and three cats, go to Disney World a lot, and am undergoing treatment for bipolar disorder, depression, OCD, anxiety, and pre menstrual dysphoric disorder. My head may be a mess some days, but my heart (typically) means pretty well.

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