I like to think this would be my author photo on the jacket of my first book.

Salutations, one and all! Welcome to Ashley in Wonderland!

My name is Ashley (duh), and I am a 30 year old apprentice funeral director/embalmer & cosmetologist living in the great state of South Carolina (I don’t follow college football, so don’t even ask). About me pages make me really uncomfortable, so I’ll just throw in some quick facts to get you caught up to speed.

I became a funeral director because of a childhood obsession with the movie My Girl (seriously) – I completed the funeral services program at Piedmont Technical College in August of 2015 and decided (at my graduation ceremony, naturally) that I need to learn to embalm, too – so I’m back to school again. Summer 2017, please come ASAP. Like, tomorrow.

I unapologetically wear a lot of makeup, live with my mother, brother, and three cats (Monroe, Binx, and Hedwig), go to Disney World kind of a lot, am undergoing treatment for bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety, and have a really scary obsession with Elton John. Like, really. He’s the bees knees. I also like to cross stitch, and if you ask nicely, I might make something for you.

I love music, photography, and writing, and I’m really looking forward to making my little corner of the web feel like home. But a slightly better home than the one I actually have, because my real one is always a mess. I’m kind of on the coolest journey of my life thus far, and I hope to share that journey with you all as I go.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please don’t hesitate to comment or email me at scottashleyj@gmail.com (subject BLOG, please). Please also don’t expect a punctual reply, because I’m a terminal procrastinator – but I promise I’ll get there eventually. Thank you for reading!


One thought on “About

  1. Hi! I just went down some weird internet rabbit hole and stumbled across what I think was your last blog post (2020ish?) You of course don’t know me and thus did not ask my opinion or anything but many parts made my heart very happy so I felt the need to write you a Thank You note! I love your writing and many of the insights you included are so vital and true and I’m happy whenever points like these are brought to light. I really appreciated the portion where you were very compassionate about people that may or may not have the capacity to take on another’s mental health or be a source of support/be in someone’s life. You hit the bullseye on a major source of guilt for me. I also really relate to your frustration (? I might be projecting, not sure that’s the term for what you were trying to portray…) finding a therapy situation that fit/s. Life is wild, and you seem like a fascinating person in addition to many other valuable qualities. Hope I’m not coming off as a creep. Thanks again, I’m glad you exist. All the best đŸ–¤


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